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The Lion Guard Assemble

The Lion Guard Assemble
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About game « The Lion Guard Assemble »

The Lion Guard Assemble is the latest game added by us in this category and we hope you will like this game. This game is an action game and in this game you will have to jump and to have fun in the same time. "Haw should I play this game?" this is a very important question and we will answer right now. This is just one and only answer, you will play this game using just your mouse. Be cause this is an action game and because in this game you will have to jump as hard and as good as you can you will play using the click from the button. This is called an action game because you have to jump for the coins and because you have to climb as much coins as you can. If you click one you will jump normally but if you click twice and if you hold a little bit time the click you will jump very high. B e very careful at the obstacles which are the hyenas. If you come in one you will lose a life from five. You can climb on the trees but the most important thing is to arrive at the finish and to receive many coins. This game has many levels but you will see this during the game. Good luck and have fun!


Use the mouse

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