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Mighty Motors

Mighty Motors
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About game « Mighty Motors »

Mighty Motors is about to be one of the best new drag racing games online for boys to have been added on our website, a format inspired by real-life races like this that are always exciting, so why not take part in one completely safe through an awesome virtual game like this one?
Mighty Motors: drag racing games taken to perfection!
The city map has lots of points on it, which represent new locations for you to take part in races, and various new opponents that you will go up against. Improve your career by winning as many of them as possible, and with the coins, you win as rewards you should acquire new and better cars to use in the later levels.
To get the most out of your car, your rev needle should stay in the green area for as long as possible, so tap on the pedal with the mouse/finger to keep it there. Don't go too low or too high on the meter, since your opponent might overtake you and cause you to lose.
When the marker is in the green area, tap the spacebar to change gears and get a boost of speed. The racing is done on a straight road, with the first one crossing the finish line being the winner, and we truly hope it will be you, not the computer!


Use the mouse, spacebar.

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