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Super Robo Heroes

Super Robo Heroes
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About game « Super Robo Heroes »

Super Robo Heroes is a brand new action-adventure game with fighting, a 2D side-scroller game heavily inspired by franchises such as Power Rangers, only these heroes that you become are actually robots, as the title suggests because they are the only ones skilled enough to defeat the various beast-like monsters that have invaded the world. Of course, you can help as well, by becoming these heroes!
Become Super Robo Heroes and fight to save the day!
In each level you have to face all the monsters you encounter, beating them all up until there are none left, which is when you win the level, and with the coins, jewels, and other rewards you've gotten, make sure to improve the skills, the powers, and the gear of your heroes, making them stronger for further battles.
This is very important, as each new level features more powerful enemies, and in bigger numbers. Move using WASD or the ARROWS, hit with Space, use H, J, K, L for special hits, and select items with the mouse. Don't get attacked too much and let your health bar get depleted, you will lose.
We can now only wish you good luck and all the best, and invite you to check out even more of our daily games!


Use WASD, space, H, J, K, L, and the mouse.

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